Year 5 Weekly Vlog Round up – Hopefully this works this time, sorry.

Source: Year 5 Weekly Vlog Round up

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PE 12.06.17

I’m not sure who had more fun this afternoon playing human hurdles, the children or Miss Atkins:

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Weekly Recap

This has been another busy week in 6RU and the children have worked really hard, we’ve been completing our project on Rube Goldberg Machines and also using this as a stimulus to write explanations in literacy.  In maths we have been working on probability, number patterns and proof.  Next week we will be looking at how to write a balanced discussion in literacy whilst in maths we will be recapping addition and subtraction and solving problems.  We will also be starting a new art project with Ms Scullard which is really exciting.

Miss Unwin

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Mose killer > D

D”>Mose killer > D

This is my educreation on my mouse trap mechanism for literacy/project ENJOY!!!!    

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Class Assembly

Today (Thursday) we did our class assembly everyone got ago in it I was Gandalf and the Doctor. We did our class assembly on doctor who and what we were learning in recent project. We all split up into groups of 3-8. my group’s story was about Gandalf coming out of the lord of the rings and is fighting the daleks thats our groups story in a nut shell.
thank you for reading and goodbye.:)

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A week of amazing learning in this final week before the half term holiday. We have finished writing our newspaper reports about the bombing of St Pauls and also about the hole in Mr Rickett’s ceiling. In maths we are “fractioned out”! They have worked so hard on fractions, decimals and percentages. After half term we are looking at mathematical reasoning and data. Poetry is our theme for after half term in literacy; we will be writing Remembrance Day poems.
We will also be starting our exciting new project based on Evolution.

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Math chunking

Yesterday I learnt how to do chunking first when I did chunking I found it very hard and know I fond it very easy .



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Multiplying with the grid method

In maths we were doing the grid method for solving multiplication problems. Eg James has to make three buckets out of scrap metal, scrap metal is sold in packs of 10 a bucket is made with 50 scrap metal how many packs of scrap metal does she need? I found it very fun and I would like to do more!

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World war 2

In project we are learning about World War 2. It is very fun and tricky. We watched a film called Goodnight Mister Tom. It was great and sad, I was nearly crying, a tear even went down my face. We looked at a picture of the world war and today we had to write a sentence to say how we felt. We did it with Miss Green, she is great fun. her job is the new floating teacher at Rosendale.

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School captain!

This week some people from year 6 has been picked for school captain, but how will be chosen to be captain of house team?


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